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M&M’s 2016 Flavor vote

M&M’s 2016 Flavor vote M&M’s 2016 flavor vote – Wow – You can win the entire $ 100,000 – and of course the title as the official m & m’s tester – There’s nothing official about it, just the honor. You can participate every day from now and up to and including d. June 17, 2016 … Read More

Flaworswap.com – Win $250.000 in prizes

Flaworswap – Win $250.000 cash prize. Flaworswap Win a $ 250,000 cash prize. Lay’s’d like to know which products you like and have therefore put 8 products against each other 2 by 2. You can go in and vote on them and be the lucky winner. You have to vote on the following products. smoked … Read More

Win 500$ IGA gift card with Vaalia

Win 500$ IGA gift card Win 500$ IGA gift card. Do you live in Australia, you’re in luck, because here runs a real great contest where you can win one of 100 gift certificate of $ 500. Simply buy 2 any Vaalia products in one of the participating IGA, Supa IGA, IGA X-press or Foodland … Read More

Swipe win great prizes

Swipe win great prizes Swipe win great prizes. You may have encountered this competition when you shop at your local co-op store. And rightly so, for it is a really cool competition. Because you can be the lucky winner – Right away. Check your receipt to see if you have won immediately. There … Read More

Spaceodyssey – Win 1 of 10 Grand Prizes

Spaceodyssey You know them perhaps. They are from Canada and is totally delicious chips. You can win one of 10 Florida Space Adventure Vacations. To participate, you must go out and buy in. You must buy namely the so-called Black Diamond Cheestrings and find it all unique number can be found inside the package. Read More

Amazingcontest.ca Win 1 out of 3 journeys with Mentos

Amazingcontest.ca Amazingcontest.ca – WOW !! This one competition from Mentos is simply no getting around it. It takes place in Canada, and you have to log in with Facebook to join. However, you can win 1 of 3 amazing trips. – Prizes for over $ 25,000 on amazingcontest.ca The competition is powered by google, but … Read More

Key Features about nicesweepstakes

Welcome to nicesweepstakes.com

This is purely a blog being written about various sweepstakes, both online and physical. There may be affiliate links, but the primary driver of the website is Adsense advertising.

It is completely free to use the page whose sole purpose is to describe each competition as accurately as possible, so it will be easy for you as a user to participate.

There will be only shared the biggest sweepstakes, with the biggest prizes - For it is they who are interesting to win.

You will, in other words only the campaigns which are being marketed heavily in the shops and you have most likely found this site because the vines on the same keywords as the competition you are looking for.

There will each blog lookup always be a link to the competition as whole philosophy is that it should be easy to participate.

The more competitions you participate in, the greater your overall chance of winning, so why not gather all the best in one place and share them with you?

There is none of the competitions are being shared on this site, which costs nothing to join in. It is completely free. Often it is a competition organized by a supermarket, where you as a customer would have to be engaged in each supermarket and come back to get more tickets.

It may well be local giveaways in each state, but most often it will be sweepstakes that runs across multiple states and internationally.

We have, for example. shared Monopoly collect and win game where there are prizes for over $ 165 million - In other words giant lotteries where you however just do not need to buy a ticket for Powerball, but only can be entered into the draw when you shop in your local supermarket.

I wish you all the luck in the hunt for the big prizes.

The best greetings

Mark KALLSTROEM, Denmark